36-9-1 Definition of terms.
     36-9-1.   Definition of terms. Terms as used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, mean:
             (1)      "Advanced practice registered nurse" or "APRN," any person licensed by the board in the role of a clinical nurse specialist or a certified registered nurse anesthetist;
             (2)      "Approved program," any educational program of study which meets the requirements established by this chapter and by the board for licensure under this chapter;
             (3)      "Board," the South Dakota Board of Nursing;
             (4)      "Certified registered nurse anesthetist," any person authorized under this chapter to practice the nursing specialty of nurse anesthesia as defined in § 36-9-3.1;
             (5)      "Clinical nurse specialist," any person authorized under this chapter to practice the nursing specialty of a clinical nurse specialist as defined in § 36-9-87;
             (6)      "Collaboration," communication with a physician licensed under chapter 36-4, before care is provided, to set goals and objectives for the client to assure quality and appropriateness of services rendered
             (7)      "Comprehensive nursing assessment," collection, analysis, and synthesis of data performed by the registered nurse used to establish a health status baseline, nursing diagnosis, plan nursing care, and address changes in a patient's condition;
             (8)      "Focused nursing assessment," recognizing patient characteristics by a licensed practical nurse that may affect the patient's health status, gathering and recording assessment data, and demonstrating attentiveness by observing, monitoring, and reporting signs, symptoms, and changes in patient condition in an ongoing manner to the supervising health care provider as defined in § 36-9-4;
             (9)      "Licensed," written authorization by the board to practice as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, certified nurse anesthetist, or clinical nurse specialist;
             (10)      "Licensed practical nurse," any person duly authorized under this chapter to practice practical nursing as defined in § 36-9-4;
             (11)      "Patient" or "client," a recipient of care and may be an individual, family, group, or community;
             (12)      "Public member," any person who is not licensed by the board, but is a user of the services regulated by the board;
             (13)      "Registered nurse," any person authorized under this chapter to practice nursing as defined in § 36-9-3.
     For the purposes of this chapter, words used in the feminine gender include the masculine.

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