01.     Restraint Of Trade, Monopolies And Discriminatory Trade Practices
02.     Petroleum Products
02A.     Antifreeze [Repealed]
03.     Dairy Industry Marketing Practices [Repealed]
04.     Public Commodity Exchanges
04A.     Agricultural Contracts
05.     Franchises Of Dealers In Vehicles, Implements And Equipment
05A.     Franchises For Brand-Name Goods And Services [Repealed]
05B.     Franchise Investment
06.     Trademark And Service Mark Protection
07.     Labeling Of Indian Products
08.     Convict-Made Goods [Repealed]
09.     Fair-Trade Law [Repealed]
10.     Unfair Cigarette Sales
10A.     Unfair Alcoholic Beverages Sales [Transferred]
11.     Registration Of Business Names
11A.     Registration Of Management Consultants [Repealed]
12.     Transient Merchants [Repealed]
13.     Peddlers And Solicitors [Repealed]
14.     Auction Sales
15.     Purchases Of Precious Metals [Repealed]
16.     Pawnbrokers
17.     Sale Of Serially Numbered Appliances And Equipment
18.     Binder Twine Labeling [Repealed]
19.     Trading Stamps [Repealed]
20.     Standard Weights And Measures
21.     Enforcement Of Weights And Measures Standards
21A.     Service Agencies For Weighing And Measuring Devices
22.     Scales Maintained By Carriers, Elevators And Stockyards
22A.     Vehicle Scales
23.     Consumer Affairs
24.     Deceptive Trade Practices And Consumer Protection
25.     Multi-Level Distribution Plans [Repealed]
25A.     Business Opportunities
26.     Buying Clubs
27.     Charitable And Professional Solicitation Of Contributions [Repealed]
28.     Foreign Trade Zones
29.     Uniform Trade Secrets Act
30.     Telephone Solicitation
30A.     Telemarketing
31.     Assistive Devices
32.     Sweepstake Prizes
33.     Pyramid Promotional Schemes
34.     Debt Adjusting
35.     Firearms, Accessories, And Ammunition

36.     Bad Faith Assertion Of Patent Infringement
37.     Farm Machinery Lemon Law