39-4-1      Food defined.
39-4-2      Conditions constituting adulteration of food .
39-4-3      Ingredients constituting adulteration of confectionery.
39-4-3.1      Confection or candy containing less than one-half of one percent alcohol by weight permitted.
39-4-3.2      Alcoholic beverage licensee permitted to sell confection or candy containing one-half of one percent alcohol by weight or more.
39-4-3.3      Off-sale delivery licensee permitted to deliver confection or candy containing one-half of one percent alcohol by weight or more.
39-4-4      Unlawful food additives--Prohibited use as misdemeanor.
39-4-5      Labeling required for preservatives added--Violation as misdemeanor.
39-4-6      Repealed.
39-4-7      False or misleading information in package or label constituting misbranding.
39-4-8      Imitation or unauthorized use of distinctive name as misbranding.
39-4-9      Deception as to place of origin as misbranding--Reuse of original package.
39-4-10      Failure to list narcotics in label as misbranding.
39-4-11      Quantity and packer to be shown in label--Variation and tolerances.
39-4-12      Franchised beverages exempt from quantity labeling requirement--Statement required of manufacturer or distributor.
39-4-13      False labeling as to ingredients as misbranding.
39-4-14      Additional labeling required for special dietary foods.
39-4-14.1      Repealed.
39-4-15      Exemption of articles marketed under distinctive name--Compounds, imitations, and blends.
39-4-16      Disclosure of trade formulas not required.
39-4-17      Exemption of articles intended for export.
39-4-18      Manufacture of adulterated or misbranded food as misdemeanor.
39-4-19      Transportation of adulterated or misbranded foods as misdemeanor.
39-4-20      Reliance by dealer on guaranty by wholesaler or manufacturer--Contents of guaranty.
39-4-21      Seizure and condemnation of adulterated or misbranded food--Release on bond--Jury trial.
39-4-22      Donation of food--Immunity from civil and criminal liability.
39-4-23      Distribution of food without charge by charitable or nonprofit organization--Immunity.
39-4-24      Food not readily marketable--Immunity provisions applicable--Regulation.
39-4-25      Definitions.