40-20-1      Counties included in inspection area.
40-20-2      Petition for addition of county contiguous to ownership inspection area--Discretion of board--Minimum area added.
40-20-3      Withdrawal of county from inspection area by petition--Minimum area withdrawing.
40-20-4      Inspection and certificate required for removal of livestock from ownership inspection area--Violation as misdemeanor--Impoundment--Venue.
40-20-4.1      Permit to move livestock from area--Duration of permit--Fee--Permit to transport horses and mules.
40-20-4.2      Inspection of livestock while in or on conveyance as misdemeanor.
40-20-4.3      Inspector prohibited from inspecting own livestock--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-20-4.4      Rodeo livestock--Alternative brand inspection procedures.
40-20-5      Livestock ownership inspection area dividing ranch--Movement of livestock without inspection.
40-20-6      Ownership inspection not required for transportation or trailing to open market.
40-20-7      Authorization for transportation to open market or slaughter plant.
40-20-7.1      Reinspection required of livestock unloaded anywhere other than market of origin.
40-20-8, 40-20-9. Repealed.
40-20-10      Transportation of livestock without required authorization as misdemeanor.
40-20-10.1      Proceeds of sale held in trust pending authorization.
40-20-11      Repealed.
40-20-12      Inspection and clearance required for diversion of livestock consigned to open market--Neglect by carrier as misdemeanor.
40-20-13      Repealed.
40-20-14      Repealed.
40-20-15      Repealed.
40-20-16      Repealed.
40-20-17      Repealed.
40-20-18      Exhibition of authorization on demand of law enforcement officer--Failure to possess authorization as misdemeanor.
40-20-19 to 40-20-23. Repealed.
40-20-24      Law enforcement officer stopping vehicle for inspection--Unloading of livestock.
40-20-25      Law enforcement officer not liable for damages in stopping vehicle.
40-20-26      Licensed auction markets in inspection area to require ownership inspection of livestock--Neglect as misdemeanor--Discretionary reinspection.
40-20-26.1      Sale or transfer of ownership without ownership inspection as misdemeanor--Exception.
40-20-26.2      Authorized bill of sale transfer--Requirements--Limits--Exception from inspection requirement--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-20-26.3      Promulgation of rules exempting certain persons from § 40-20-26.1.
40-20-27      Livestock ownership inspection certificate issued to buyer.
40-20-28      Fee for inspection services--Determination of rate--When collected.
40-20-29      Inspection and certificate required for slaughter or processing of livestock commercially within inspection area--Misdemeanor--Out-of-state certificate--Exhibition on demand.
40-20-30      Injunction to restrain violation of this chapter or chapter 40-21.
40-20-31      Repealed.
40-20-32      Feedlot operation in inspection area--Designation as registered feedlot--Application-- Requirements.
40-20-33      Rules for suspension or revocation of feedlot permit--Inspection of cattle--Renewal of permit.
40-20-34      Inspection of cattle shipped from feedlot--Fee.
40-20-35      Permit for shipment of cattle from feedlot for slaughter--Inspection of cattle without forms--Fees.
40-20-36      Inspection of feedlot, cattle, records, and inspection certificates.
40-20-37      Removal of livestock before ownership inspection prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-20-38      Grounds for refusal to inspect.
40-20-39      Inspection of livestock removed from inspection area--Fee.
40-20-40      Mileage fee for travel to inspection.