40-3-1      Continuation of board--Statutory references to board.
40-3-1.1      Reports by board to agriculture department--Administrative functions restored to board--Other independent functions.
40-3-2      Composition of board--Appointment and terms of office--Vacancies.
40-3-3      Qualifications of board members--Oath of office.
40-3-4      President and vice-president of board.
40-3-5      Appointment of executive secretary--Qualifications--Term of office.
40-3-5.1      Superseded.
40-3-6      Employment of other personnel by board.
40-3-7      Compensation and duties of executive secretary and employees--Per diem and expenses of board members and employees.
40-3-8      Meetings of board.
40-3-9      Scope of responsibilities of board.
40-3-10      Poultry included in responsibility of board.
40-3-11      Executive secretary as state veterinarian--General duties and responsibilities.
40-3-12      State university veterinary diagnostic laboratory to assist board--Examinations.
40-3-13      Repealed.
40-3-14      Orders of board--Promulgation of rules.
40-3-15      Publication of bulletins by board.
40-3-16      Access to property and inspections by board.
40-3-17      Examination of witnesses by board--Administration of oaths--Subpoena power.
40-3-18      Fees and mileage of witnesses before board.
40-3-19      Enforcement of board orders by sheriff or law enforcement officer.
40-3-20      Disposition of fees collected.
40-3-21      Administrative expenses paid from appropriated funds.
40-3-22      Annual report to Governor.
40-3-23      Definitions.
40-3-24      Certain nondomestic mammals not allowed--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-3-25      Promulgation of rules for bringing nondomestic mammals into state.
40-3-26      Rules regulating breeding, raising, marketing, and transportation of certain captive nondomestic animals.
40-3-27      Programs for identification of animals and premises involved in animal movements--Records--Purpose.
40-3-28      Development of identification program conflicting with or superceding state brand laws prohibited .
40-3-29      Promulgation of rules for implementation of identification programs.
40-3-30      Animal disease research and diagnostic laboratory bond redemption and operations fund.