40-3-14Orders of board--Promulgation of rules.

The Animal Industry Board may make all such orders for the execution of the powers conferred upon it and the performance of its duties, to effectuate, enforce, and carry out promptly and efficiently the provisions of the statutes relating to its duties, powers, and jurisdiction. The board may likewise amend or repeal all such orders. The board may promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 concerning:

(1)    The definition of items used to administer this chapter;

(2)    Declaratory rulings;

(3)    The control and eradication of livestock diseases and parasites;

(4)    The regulation of bovine tuberculosis;

(5)    The regulation of the importation of animals;

(6)    The regulation and licensure of livestock auctions and stockyards;

(7)    The regulation and licensure of livestock dealers;

(8)    The setting of livestock inspection fees;

(9)    The regulation and licensure of rendering establishments and pet food processing plants;

(10)    The establishment of swine identification and maintenance of records;

(11)    The regulation of livestock exhibits;

(12)    The use of federal methods and rules for meat inspection;

(13)    The regulation of refrigerated locker plants; and

(14)    The regulation of nondomestic animals.

However, the board shall exercise its regulatory and quarantine powers in a manner that affects the minimum geographical area reasonably necessary to control or eradicate disease.

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