40-32-1      Purpose of chapter.
40-32-2      Definition of terms.
40-32-3      Exemption of charitable, public, and educational institutions not producing for sale.
40-32-4      License required for milk plants, transporters, stations, distributors, and persons buying or selling milk products.
40-32-5      License fees.
40-32-6      Milk plant license--Contents--Posting.
40-32-7      Transfer of plant licenses restricted.
40-32-8      Annual expiration of license.
40-32-9      Suspension of license for failure to comply with law.
40-32-10      Revocation or suspension of plant license for violations--Notice and opportunity to defend.
40-32-10.1      Producer's permit required.
40-32-10.2      Issuance of producer's permit--Compliance with rules and regulations.
40-32-10.3      Renewal of producer's permit not required--Transfer of permits.
40-32-10.4      Suspension of producer's license or permit--Grounds--Sanctions--Court action.
40-32-10.5      Revocation of producer's permit--Hearing required--Suspension prior to hearing.
40-32-10.6      Dairy fieldman's service provided by plant.
40-32-10.7      Dairy fieldman's license required--Application and fee--Expiration.
40-32-10.8      Dairy fieldman's assistance in reinstatement of producer's permit--Exclusive authority of secretary to suspend permit.
40-32-10.9      Revocation of dairy fieldman's license--Hearing required.
40-32-11      Tester and grader to be maintained in dairy products plant--License required.
40-32-12      Application for tester and grader's license--Fee--Examination of applicant.
40-32-13      Licenses for sampling and grading.
40-32-14      Issuance of tester and grader's license or sampling and grading license--Duration.
40-32-15      License withheld from applicant not meeting requirements.
40-32-16      Posting of tester and grader's license.
40-32-17      Suspension or revocation of tester and grader's or sampler and grader's license--Violation as ground for revocation.
40-32-18      Promulgation of rules.
40-32-19      Repealed.
40-32-20      Coloring matter mixed with products unfit for human consumption--Failure to comply as misdemeanor.
40-32-21      Exemption of operations otherwise regulated.
40-32-22      Records and reports to secretary.
40-32-23      Access of department to premises, vehicles, and records--Taking of samples.
40-32-24      Repealed.
40-32-25      Inspection service fee for each dairy farm--Raw milk assessment fee.
40-32-26      Reinspection fee--When assessed.
40-32-27      Inspection fee for milk plants.
40-32-28      Penalty for delinquent payments.
40-32-29      Dairy inspection fund established--Expenditures.
40-32-30      Repealed.
40-32-31      Cooperation with secretary required--Refusal as misdemeanor.
40-32-32      Assistance of police in inspection.
40-32-33      Contraband.

40-32-34      Seizure or quarantine of contraband--Tagging--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-32-35      Petition for condemnation of contraband--Hearing--Disposal of contraband.