47-12-14 Hearings--Appeal.
     47-12-14.   Hearings--Appeal. Each hearing and other proceeding under this chapter shall be conducted in accordance with chapter 1-26. Any final decision of the State Board of Dentistry under § 47-12-8 or 47-12-13 may be appealed to circuit court in accordance with chapter 1-26 within thirty days. Prior to taking any appeal to circuit court, the entity shall first exhaust all available remedies under this chapter and chapter 1-26. Notice of appeal to circuit court shall be served upon the board by service upon the secretary of state, as registered agent for the board under this chapter, an attested copy thereof within thirty days after the board has notified the appellant of its decision.

Source: SL 1963, ch 35, § 11; SL 2017, ch 194, § 16.