47-9A-1      Agriculture prohibited as corporate or limited liability company purpose.
47-9A-1.1      Certain breeding stock, products, and facilities exempt.
47-9A-2      Definition of terms.
47-9A-3      Corporate farming and acquisition of interest in farm real estate prohibited.
47-9A-3.1      Certain greenhouse operations exempt.
47-9A-3.2      Facilities for feeding poultry or producing meat or eggs exempt.
47-9A-3.3      Dairy on agricultural lands exempt.
47-9A-4      Banks and trust companies exempt--Purchase of agricultural land through pooled investment fund excepted.
47-9A-5      Certain limited liability entities exempt from restrictions.
47-9A-6      Encumbrance taken for security exempt.
47-9A-7      Lands acquired in collection of debt or enforcement of claim exempt--Period allowed for disposition--Covenant runs with land.
47-9A-8      Gifts to nonprofit corporations exempt.
47-9A-9      Farms, for scientific, medical, research, or experimental purposes exempt if sale of products incidental.
47-9A-10      Raising breeding stock for resale exempt--Nurseries and seed farms.
47-9A-11      Livestock feeding exempt.
47-9A-12      Land acquired for nonfarming uses exempt--Acreage allowed--Restrictions on farming pending development.
47-9A-12.1      Cement Plant Commission property used for nonfarming purposes.
47-9A-13      Family farm and authorized farm corporations exempt.
47-9A-13.1      Repealed.
47-9A-13.2      Pork production subject to same provisions as other operations.
47-9A-14      Family farm corporation defined.
47-9A-15      Qualifications of authorized small farm corporation.
47-9A-16      Report required of corporation engaged in farming--Contents.
47-9A-17      Additional information for qualification as family or authorized farm corporation.
47-9A-18      Farming prohibited without certification by secretary of state.
47-9A-19      Repealed.
47-9A-20      Corporation failing to file or filing false report--Civil fine.
47-9A-21      Attorney general to prosecute violations--Order of court declaring violation.
47-9A-22      Recording of order--Divestiture within prescribed period--Covenant running with land--Public sale of lands not divested.
47-9A-23      Citation of chapter.