49-7A-2 Establishment of One-Call Notification Board.
     49-7A-2.   Establishment of One-Call Notification Board. The Statewide One-Call Notification Board is established as an agency of state government and funded by revenue generated by the one-call notification center. The board is attached to the Public Utilities Commission only for budgetary purposes. The board is solely responsible for all contractors and employment of any personnel working for the board and retains responsibility for all funds of the board and all expenditures thereof. The board is solely responsible for all functions and duties vested in the board and the board shall exercise those functions and duties independent of the Public Utilities Commission. Any interest earned on money in the state one-call fund shall be deposited in the fund. The money is continuously appropriated to the board to implement and administer the provisions of this chapter. The one-call notification center may be organized as a nonprofit corporation. The one-call notification center shall provide a service through which a person can notify the operators of underground facilities of plans to excavate and to request the marking of the facilities. All operators are subject to this chapter and the rules promulgated thereto. Any operator who fails to become a member of the one-call notification center or who fails to submit the locations of the operator's underground facilities to the center, as required by this chapter and rules of the board, is subject to applicable penalties under §§ 49-7A-18 and 49-7A-19 and is subject to civil liability for any damages caused by noncompliance with this chapter. Any penalties which may be assessed by the board under this chapter shall be collected as provided by law and deposited into the one-call fund.

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