5-15-1      Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission--Duty to enlarge and beautify complex.
5-15-1.1      Direction and supervision of commission by Bureau of Administration--Independent functions retained.
5-15-1.2      Definition of terms.
5-15-2      Appointment and terms of commission members.
5-15-3      Oath and bond of commission members.
5-15-4      Meetings of commission--Chair and secretary--Reports to Governor and Legislature.
5-15-5      Compensation and expenses of commission members.
5-15-6      Employment of personnel--Supplies and equipment.
5-15-7      Plans for enlargement, restoration, and beautification of complex.
5-15-8      Development of areas adjacent to capitol complex--Long-range plan.
5-15-9      Publications by commission--Maps, surveys, and studies.
5-15-10      Acceptance and use of contributions.
5-15-11      Plats and surveys of capitol complex--Opening and vacating streets and alleys--Utility facilities.
5-15-12      Acquisition and management of property for enlarged complex.
5-15-13      Donation of property by city of Pierre.
5-15-14      Hilger's Gulch condemnation validated.
5-15-15      Board to determine location of any new building in capitol complex.
5-15-16      Commission power to execute contracts and instruments.
5-15-17      Lease and management of property acquired by commission.
5-15-18      Sale of excess property by commission--Advertising and notice--Bids and offers.
5-15-19      Sale of property to public agencies--Advertisement not required--Approval by Board of Finance.
5-15-20      Destruction and disposal of buildings.
5-15-21      Repealed.
5-15-22      Repealed.
5-15-23      Promulgation of rules for complex restoration and beautification.
5-15-24      Governor's Grove.
5-15-25      Supervision of improvements and extensions of capitol grounds and buildings.
5-15-25.1 to 5-15-25.3. Repealed.
5-15-26      Maintenance and protection of buildings and grounds--Employment of personnel.
5-15-27      Procurement of office space outside capitol building.
5-15-28      Working capital account for maintenance of buildings and grounds.
5-15-29      Reimbursement by agencies of depreciation and maintenance costs.
5-15-29.1      Building depreciation fund--Expenditures.
5-15-29.2      Public buildings fund--Deposit of proceeds from sale or lease of public lands.
5-15-30      Expenditures from maintenance working capital account.
5-15-31 to 5-15-33. Repealed.
5-15-34      Promulgation of rules for conduct in capitol complex and grounds.
5-15-35      Violation of rule as petty offense.
5-15-36      Policy-making and oversight duties of commission.
5-15-36.1      Renovation plans--Commission approval.
5-15-37 to 5-15-41. Repealed.
5-15-42      Repealed.
5-15-43      Repealed.

5-15-44      Historic areas of capitol building--Protection and preservation--Restoration projects.
5-15-45      Alteration or covering of historic area prohibited--Public access--Exceptions.
5-15-46      Historic area traditionally open to the public.
5-15-47      Historic area defined.
5-15-48      Control of areas traditionally reserved to Governor, Legislature, and Supreme Court.
5-15-49      Centennial Cultural Heritage Center established in Pierre.
5-15-50      Bust of Peter Norbeck.
5-15-51      Statue of General William Henry Harrison Beadle.