5-15-19Sale of property to public agencies--Advertisement not required--Approval by Board of Finance.

The commission may make sales of structures, material, or property severed from the land, or other personal property to the public and to other state agencies, departments, or political subdivisions. Such sales to state agencies, departments, or political subdivisions shall follow the procedures for other sales. However, no notice or advertisement for bid requirements or time of sale requirements applies to such sale. If the sale of any such property agreed to by the commission exceeds the sum of one hundred dollars, the sale shall be submitted by the commission to the State Board of Finance for approval and, if approved, a bill of sale may be executed by the commission.

Source: SL 1961, ch 316, § 2 (f); SL 1963, ch 321, § 1; SL 2011, ch 2, § 68.