5-18A-1      Definition of terms.
5-18A-2      Application to purchasing agency contracts.
5-18A-3      Methods of awarding contracts.
5-18A-4      Competitive sealed bids required.
5-18A-5      Procedures for competitive sealed bids.
5-18A-6      Competitive sealed proposals--When permitted.
5-18A-7      Procedures for competitive sealed proposals.
5-18A-8      Unique supplies or services--Sole source procurement--Negotiations.
5-18A-9      Emergency procurement.
5-18A-10      Records of sole source procurement and emergency procurement contracts.
5-18A-11      Purchases of supplies and services under twenty-five thousand dollars.
5-18A-12      Cancellation of invitation for bids or request for proposals and rejection of bids or proposals.
5-18A-13      Centralized public bid exchange created.
5-18A-14      Public improvement contracts involving fifty thousand dollars or more--Supplies and services contracts involving twenty-five thousand dollars or more--Advertisement for bids or proposals.
5-18A-15      Time for entering into contract.
5-18A-16      Recovery from defaulting bidder or offeror.
5-18A-17      Self-dealing by state officer or employee in award or terms of agency contract prohibited.
5-18A-17.1      Direct benefit from contract.
5-18A-17.2      Authorization of officer or employee to be a party to or derive direct benefit from contract.
5-18A-17.3      Authorization of contract with former officer or employee.
5-18A-17.4      Self-dealing violation as misdemeanor--Removal--Forfeiture of benefit--Contract voidable.
5-18A-17.5      Specific conflict of interest prohibitions not affected.
5-18A-17.6      Definitions applicable to §§ 5-18A-17 to 5-18A-17.5.
5-18A-18      Specifications to promote economy and encourage competition--Circumstances under which brand name or equal specifications permitted.
5-18A-19      Requirements for brand name or equal specifications.
5-18A-20      Circumstances under which brand name only specifications permitted.
5-18A-21      Written contract required--Signatures.
5-18A-22      Procurements exempt from chapters 5-18A through 5-18D.
5-18A-23      Purchase of foreign meat food products prohibited.
5-18A-24      Grade A milk processors preferred.
5-18A-25      Preferences to certain resident businesses, qualified agencies, and businesses using South Dakota supplies or services.
5-18A-26      Resident bidder preferred over nonresident bidder from state or foreign province that has preference for resident bidders.
5-18A-27      List of states with resident bidder preferences.
5-18A-28      List of supplies, custodial services, and maintenance services provided by qualified agency.
5-18A-29      Persons with disabilities.
5-18A-30      Supplies manufactured from recycled or biobased materials.
5-18A-31      Information regarding preferences to be provided.

5-18A-32      Procurements utilizing federal funds.
5-18A-33      Disallowance of noncomplying bid or offer--Contracts in violation void.
5-18A-34      Bureau of Administration to serve as state's central procurement agency.
5-18A-35      Bond or approved security.
5-18A-36      Performance and payment bond or approved security.
5-18A-37      Cooperation and agreements with other state and federal purchasing agencies.
5-18A-38      Environmentally preferable products to be selected.
5-18A-39      Reverse auction permitted for certain procurements.
5-18A-40      Procedures applicable to reverse auctions.
5-18A-41      Bureau of Administration to conduct reverse auction for supplies for state agency.
5-18A-42      Fair and open competition in government contracts.
5-18A-43      Terms prohibited in construction contracts.
5-18A-44      Conditional grant, tax abatement, and tax credit prohibited in construction contracts.
5-18A-45      Conditions related to agreements with labor organizations.
5-18A-46      Exemptions for special circumstances .
5-18A-47      Construction with National Labor Relations Act.
5-18A-48      Persons involved in grant or contract determinations ineligible for grant or contract--Performance evaluation by recipients and sub-recipients prohibited.
5-18A-49      Forms for acknowledging review of conflict of interest policy and disclosing conflicts.