7-16A-1      Establishment of office by commissioners' resolution.
7-16A-2      Joint office established by two or more counties.
7-16A-3      Provisions by establishing board for office.
7-16A-4      Advisory committee to be established--Composition--Chairman.
7-16A-5      Appointment and qualifications of public defender.
7-16A-6      Employment of personnel for defender's office--Administration.
7-16A-7      Qualifications of assistant defenders--Assignment to cases.
7-16A-8      Facilities and supplies for office.
7-16A-9      Persons to be represented--Services provided.
7-16A-10      Proceedings in which indigents represented--Co-counsel.
7-16A-11      Representation restricted to state courts--Federal matters excepted--Compensation paid by federal courts.
7-16A-12      Assignment of substitute when public defender unable to perform--Duty--Compensation of substitute.
7-16A-13      Extension to representation in municipal ordinance violations--Contributions by municipality.
7-16A-14      Payment of expenses directly related to particular cases.
7-16A-15      Apportionment of expenses not otherwise allocable.
7-16A-16      County appropriations for public defender fund--Administration and accounting for fund--Private contributions.
7-16A-17      Monthly report to circuit court for setting liens--Disposition of funds collected from liens.
7-16A-18      Records maintained by public defender--Annual report to advisory committee.