9-19-1      Definition of terms.
9-19-2      Continuation in force of prior ordinances and resolutions.
9-19-3      Authority to enact, amend, and repeal ordinances and resolutions--Penalties for violation.
9-19-3.1      Degree of proof required when jail sentence authorized--Pleadings--Jury trial--Application of civil rules.
9-19-4      Repealed.
9-19-5      One subject expressed in title of ordinance.
9-19-6      Style of ordinance.
9-19-7      Reading, passage, and publication of ordinances--Codes incorporated by reference.
9-19-7.1      Notice requirements for substantial amendment at second reading.
9-19-8      Passage, recording, and publication of resolutions.
9-19-9      Recording of votes on ordinances.
9-19-10      Veto power of mayor under aldermanic form--Items in appropriation ordinances.
9-19-11      Reconsideration of vetoed item--Vote required to override veto.
9-19-12      Ordinance becoming law without mayor's signature.
9-19-13      Effective date of resolutions and ordinances.
9-19-14      Recording of ordinance in ordinance book.
9-19-15      Compilation of ordinances--Free copies.
9-19-16      Revision of ordinances--Committee to prepare revision.
9-19-17      Notice of adoption of ordinance in revision--Effective date--Publication in book form.
9-19-18      Evidence of ordinances and resolutions.
9-19-19      Ordinances and resolutions presumed valid unless controverted.
9-19-20      Firearms regulation ordinances prohibited.
9-19-21      Municipality implementation of pretreatment program--Fines for violations by industrial users.