24:28:12:03.  Application process for CTE alternative teaching certificate. An applicant for a CTE alternative teaching certificate shall submit:


          (1)  Documentation that the requirements of § 24:28:12:02 are met;


          (2)  Official transcripts from each regionally-accredited institution of higher education or postsecondary technical institute attended, issued by the registrar or other appropriate official of the institution, including descriptive course titles, course numbers, credits, and grades for each course listed;


          (3)  Additional documentation upon request; and


          (4)  For credentials from a foreign country or transcripts from a foreign institute of higher education, an evaluation completed by an agency approved by the department to evaluate such credentials to determine eligibility for educator certification that includes a course-by-course credential report of university-level credit completed, course titles, grade, semester hours earned, U.S. equivalency of degree earned, and documentation that the equivalent of a department-approved educator preparation program was completed.


          Source: 43 SDR 175, effective July 3, 2017.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-1-12.1, 13-42-3.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-1-12.1, 13-42-1 to 13-42-4, inclusive, 13-43-5, 13-43-5.1.