44:02:08:05.  Vermin control. A vacation home establishment must be constructed, equipped, and maintained to prevent the entrance, harborage, or breeding of flies, roaches, rats, mice, bed bugs, and all other insects and vermin. Specific means necessary for the elimination of such pests, such as cleaning, renovation, or fumigation, must be used. The department may require the facility to hire a professional exterminator to exterminate pests under the following conditions:


          (1)  The infestation is so extensive that it is unlikely a nonprofessional can eradicate the pests effectively;


          (2)  The chosen method of extermination can only be carried out by a licensed professional exterminator; or


          (3)  The department finds that an establishment has not been brought into compliance with a prior order to rid the establishment of pests.


          Regularly scheduled professional extermination services shall be required following the determination of an excessive pest infestation by the department.


          Source: 34 SDR 321, effective June 30, 2008.

          General Authority: SDCL 34-1-17, 34-18-22.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34-18-22, 34-18-24.