44:04:01             Rules of general applicability, Transferred.

44:04:02             Physical environment, Transferred.

44:04:03             Fire protection, Transferred.

44:04:04             Management and administration, Transferred.

44:04:05             Physician services, Transferred.

44:04:06             Nursing and related care services, Transferred.

44:04:07             Dietetic services, Transferred.

44:04:08             Medication control, Transferred.

44:04:09             Medical record services, Transferred.

44:04:10             Hospital diagnostic services, Transferred.

44:04:11             Hospital complementary services, Transferred.

44:04:12             Long-term care supportive services, Transferred.

44:04:13             Construction standards, Transferred.

44:04:14             Additional hospital standards, Transferred.

44:04:15             Long-term care additional standards, Transferred.

44:04:16             Ambulatory surgery center standards, Repealed.

44:04:17             Residents' rights in nursing facilities, Transferred.

44:04:18             Nurse aides, Transferred.

44:04:19             Adult foster care, Repealed.

44:04:20             Inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility, Repealed.