1-11-1    General duties of attorney general.

1-11-1.1    License required--Full-time--Private practice.

1-11-2    Superseded by § 3-8-2.1.

1-11-3    Traveling expenses.

1-11-4    Assistant attorneys general--Appointment and compensation--Powers--Oath.

1-11-4.1    Division of Consumer Affairs created--Appointment of director.

1-11-4.2    Consumer and commercial affairs functions of attorney general.

1-11-5    Special assistants--Appointment and powers.

1-11-6    Register of actions prosecuted and defended--Proper books.

1-11-6.1    Antitrust special revenue fund created--Receipts.

1-11-6.2    Release of funds in special revenue fund.

1-11-6.3    Deposits into and disbursements from special revenue fund.

1-11-7    Investigations by attorney general--Authority and duty.

1-11-8    Request for Governor's consent to investigation--Denial.

1-11-9    Record of investigation.

1-11-10    Powers of attorney general in investigations.

1-11-11    Expense of investigations.

1-11-12    Annual report to Governor.

1-11-13    Costs of providing information--Reimbursement of attorney general.

1-11-14    Action for recovery on behalf of state--Consolidation of related cause of governmental entity.

1-11-15    Consolidation of legal services in state government.

1-11-16    Office of Internet Crimes Investigation transferred.

1-11-17    Statewide 24/7 sobriety program established.

1-11-18    Establishment of 24/7 sobriety fund.

1-11-19    Participation in 24/7 sobriety program--Testing locations and times.

1-11-20    Program participation as condition of bond or pre-trial release.

1-11-21    Program participation as condition of suspended sentence or probation.

1-11-22    Program participation as condition of child placement or return.

1-11-23    Program participation as condition of parole.

1-11-24    Promulgation of rules.

1-11-25    Distribution of 24/7 sobriety program fees.

1-11-25.1    Remittance of fees collected for 24/7 sobriety fund.

1-11-26    Fee for twice-a-day testing.

1-11-27    Fee for urinalysis testing.

1-11-28    Fee for drug patch.

1-11-29    Fee for electronic alcohol monitoring device or mobile breath alcohol testing.

1-11-30    Fee for ignition interlock device.

1-11-31    Time for payment of fees.

1-11-31.1    Sanctions for failure to pay fees for electronic alcohol monitoring device, ignition interlock device, or mobile breath alcohol testing.

1-11-32    24/7 sobriety program participation fee.

1-11-33    Annual review of 24/7 sobriety program fees and collection procedures.

1-11-34    Insurance Fraud Prevention Unit transferred.

1-11-35    Repealed.