1-19-6Acceptance of Oahe Chapel.

The State of South Dakota acting by and through its Legislature hereby accepts as a gift from the family of T. L. Riggs the Oahe Chapel, an historic building displaced in the construction of the Oahe Reservoir and placed without cost to the State of South Dakota on a site selected by the United States engineers close to the access road and observation point at the east end of the Oahe Dam and which site will be leased to the State of South Dakota and its State Historical Society for fifty years. This property so described and so situated is hereby accepted for the use of the South Dakota State Historical Society.

Source: SL 1957, ch 307; SDC Supp 1960, § 29.0503; SL 1965, ch 145; SL 2015, ch 277 (Ex. Ord. 15-1), § 19, eff. Apr. 20, 2015; SL 2021, ch 7, § 4.