1-26-1    Definition of terms.

1-26-1.1    Interim Rules Review Committee created--Composition--Appointments--Terms of office--Vacancies.

1-26-1.2    Chair of rules review committee--Schedule of meetings--Compensation of members--Secretary.

1-26-1.3    Delegation of duties by director.

1-26-2    Agency materials available for public inspection--Derogatory materials.

1-26-2.1    Small business impact statements--Content.

1-26-2.2    1-26-2.2. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 7, § 1.

1-26-2.3    Housing cost impact statement--Content.

1-26-3    1-26-3. Repealed by SL 1972, ch 8, § 36.

1-26-4    Permanent rulemaking procedure--Notice, filings, service, and hearing--Extension--Waiver.

1-26-4.1    Notice of hearing on proposed rule--Contents--Publication--Mailing.

1-26-4.2    Fiscal note submitted with proposed rule--Fiscal note of bureau--Transmitting copies.

1-26-4.3    Rule review by Interim Rules Review Committee before filing--Time limits.

1-26-4.4    Time for promulgation of rules after passage of legislative authority.

1-26-4.5    Validation of prior notices of hearings--Limitation on enforcement of vested rights affected.

1-26-4.6    Notices of intent to adopt emergency rules validated--Time for enforcing rights by reason of error in notice--Recordation of notice prerequisite to suit under § 1-26-4.1.

1-26-4.7    Reversion to step in adoption procedure.

1-26-4.8    Fee increase in proposed rule--Agency financial resource information--Submission to review committee.

1-26-4.9    Authority of Interim Rules Review Committee.

1-26-4.10    Resubmission of amended rule to review committee--Hearing not required.

1-26-5    Notice of proposed emergency rule--Service--Use of emergency rule adoption procedure.

1-26-5.1    Temporary suspension by emergency rule--Reversion of amended rule to original form.

1-26-5.2    1-26-5.2. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 8, § 2.

1-26-6    Completion of adoption of rule or change in rules.

1-26-6.1    Restriction on incorporation of statutory material.

1-26-6.2    Uniform style for rules--Required contents.

1-26-6.3    Notice that rules do not conform--Redrafting and filing required.

1-26-6.4    1-26-6.4. Repealed by SL 1975, ch 16, § 25.

1-26-6.5    Review by director--Notice to agency of need for change.

1-26-6.6    Incorporation by reference to generally available materials--Description--Reference note--Identification of agency and rule.

1-26-6.7    Procedure for amendment, suspension or repeal of rules.

1-26-6.8    Rules unenforceable until properly adopted.

1-26-6.9    Licensing board or commission fees--Criteria and limitation.

1-26-6.10    Restriction of licensee's right or privilege to carry or possess pistol prohibited.

1-26-7    Records retained--Copies--Public inspection of current rules.

1-26-7.1    Agency's statement of reasons for adoption or rejection of rule.

1-26-8    Effective date of rules--Emergency rules.

1-26-8.1    Retroactive effect of acts prohibiting certain rules--Repealed or unconstitutional statutes--Effect of transfer of rule-making authority to another agency.

1-26-8.2    Petition for delay in effective date of rule--Grant or denial--Maximum delay--Filings--One delay--Repeal of rule.

1-26-8.3    Retroactive effect of rule--Burden of proving authority or necessity.

1-26-9    1-26-9. Transferred to § 1-26A-1.

1-26-10    1-26-10. Repealed by SL 1972, ch 8, § 36.

1-26-11    Pamphlet publication of rules--Supervision.

1-26-12    Distribution and sale of publications and copies of rules.

1-26-12.1    List of rules and organizational statements.

1-26-13    Petition for rules--Denial or initiation of proceedings--Copies to Interim Rules Committee and director.

1-26-13.1    Service complete when deposited in mail.

1-26-14    Declaratory judgment on rules.

1-26-15    Declaratory rulings by agencies.

1-26-16    Notice and hearing required in contested cases.

1-26-16.1    1-26-16.1. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 7.

1-26-17    Contents of notice in contested cases.

1-26-17.1    Intervention in contested case by person with pecuniary interests.

1-26-18    Rights of parties at hearings on contested cases--Summary disposition of certain cases.

1-26-18.1    1-26-18.1, 1-26-18.2. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 8, §§ 14, 15.

1-26-18.3    Request to use Office of Hearing Examiners in certain contested cases.

1-26-19    Rules of evidence in contested cases.

1-26-19.1    Administration of oaths--Subpoena powers--Witness fees--Disobedience of subpoena.

1-26-19.2    Depositions of witnesses.

1-26-20    Agreed disposition of contested cases.

1-26-21    Contents of record in contested cases.

1-26-22    Transcript in contested cases--Minutes in lieu of transcript.

1-26-23    Basis for findings in contested cases.

1-26-24    Tentative or proposed decision served on parties--Contents--Waiver.

1-26-25    Form, contents and notice of decisions, orders and findings.

1-26-26    Ex parte communications by agency personnel in contested cases--Investigating officer disqualified from decision making--Authorized communications.

1-26-27    License proceeding treated as contested case.

1-26-28    Extension of existing license or right to continue activity extended during renewal or licensing proceedings and for ten days following notice of determination.

1-26-29    Notice and hearing required for revocation or suspension of license--Emergency suspension.

1-26-29.1    Costs of disciplinary hearing.

1-26-30    Right to judicial review of contested cases--Preliminary agency actions.

1-26-30.1    Right of appeal when agency fails to act in contested case.

1-26-30.2    Appeal from final action in contested case.

1-26-30.3    Conduct of appeals.

1-26-30.4    Scope of sections on appeals to circuit courts.

1-26-30.5    Suspension of sections on appeals to circuit courts.

1-26-31    Notice of appeal--Time for service and filing.

1-26-31.1    Venue of appeal--Appeals from single action.

1-26-31.2    Contents of notice of appeal.

1-26-31.3    Change of venue.

1-26-31.4    Contested cases--Statement of issues on appeal.

1-26-32    When agency decision in contested case becomes effective--Application for stay pending appeal--Time--Granting of further stay--Security or other supervision--Inapplicability to determinations of benefits under Title 61.

1-26-32.1    Procedural rules applied.

1-26-32.2    Request for transcript--Waiver by failure to request.

1-26-32.3    Costs of transcript--Endorsement of order by reporter--Extension of time for transcript.

1-26-32.4    Form of transcript--Number of copies--Certification.

1-26-33    Record transmitted to circuit court--Limitation of record--Corrections and additions.

1-26-33.1    1-26-33.1. Transferred to § 1-26-33.6.

1-26-33.2    Time for serving briefs.

1-26-33.3    Brief of appellant--Contents.

1-26-33.4    Brief of appellee--Contents.

1-26-33.5    1-26-33.5. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 158, § 44.

1-26-33.6    Speedy hearing and determination.

1-26-34    Circuit court may order agency to take additional evidence.

1-26-35    Nonjury review in circuit court--Proof of irregularities--Oral argument discretionary.

1-26-36    Weight given to agency findings--Disposition of case--Grounds for reversal or modification--Findings and conclusions--Costs.

1-26-36.1    Appellee's right to obtain review.

1-26-37    Appeal to Supreme Court.

1-26-38    Suspension of provisional rules by interim committee--Hearing on suspension--Filing and duration of suspension.

1-26-38.1    Amendment as provisional--Subject to suspension--Effect.

1-26-39    1-26-39. Repealed by SL 1972, ch 8, § 36.

1-26-40    Severability of provisions.

1-26-41    Citation of chapter.