1-33B-1    Definition of terms.

1-33B-2    Energy conservation measure defined--Inclusions--Limitation.

1-33B-3    Request for proposal defined.

1-33B-3.1    Guaranteed cost savings defined.

1-33B-3.2    Investment-grade energy audit defined.

1-33B-3.3    Measurement and verification defined.

1-33B-3.4    Notice inviting qualified energy service providers to submit qualifications and proposals for energy performance contract.

1-33B-3.5    Evaluation of qualifications and proposals.

1-33B-3.6    Contract negotiation.

1-33B-3.7    Preparation of investment-grade energy audit.

1-33B-3.8    Contents of investment-grade energy audit.

1-33B-3.9    Costs of the investment-grade energy audit.

1-33B-3.10    Funds for payment of energy performance contract.

1-33B-3.11    Reduction in amount of financing--Contract term--Measurement and verification report.

1-33B-3.12    Costs for measurement and verification.

1-33B-3.13    Annual guaranteed cost savings--Shortfall.

1-33B-4    1-33B-4. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 14, § 16.

1-33B-4.1    Loans, leases, or grants to municipality or county--Agreement upon terms and conditions.

1-33B-5    Copy of evaluation and proposed contract forwarded to Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1-33B-6    Proposed improvements to state-owned buildings--Review by Bureau of Human Resources and Administration.

1-33B-7    1-33B-7. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 14, § 18.

1-33B-8    Written guarantee--Bond--Payment period not to exceed fifteen years.

1-33B-9    Contracts not subject to chapter 5-18A.

1-33B-10    Documentation of guaranteed savings--Deficiency paid by qualified provider.

1-33B-11    Executory contract clause--Liability of governmental unit.

1-33B-12    Continuance of contract--Payments.

1-33B-13    Termination of contract--Notice--Return of equipment or improvement.

1-33B-14    Functions of Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1-33B-15    Promulgation of rules.

1-33B-16    Powers of Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1-33B-17    Establishment of accounts from which loans to be made--Petroleum violation escrow fund--Legislative approval.

1-33B-18    Energy conservation loan special revenue fund established--Purposes--Continuous appropriation.

1-33B-19    Loans, leases or grants to municipality or county--Agreement upon terms and conditions.

1-33B-20    Loans for analysis and installation of energy conservation measures.

1-33B-21    Foreclosure to protect loans.

1-33B-22    Disbursements from energy conservation special revenue fund.

1-33B-23    Parties to whom loans authorized.

1-33B-24    Acquisition, lease, and sale of energy saving equipment.

1-33B-25    Acceptance of aid or contributions.

1-33B-26    Transfer of functions, responsibility, and authority of former Office of Energy Policy.

1-33B-27    School district authorized to deposit proceeds related to energy savings contract into certain funds--Repayment from certain funds.