1-36A-10.5. Registered interpreters for the deaf--Certification--Promulgation of rules.

A person may be registered as a certified interpreter for the deaf if:

(1)    The person is certified by and in good standing with:

(a)    The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf;

(b)    The National Association of the Deaf;

(c)    The Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Center, with a score of at least 3.5; or

(d)    Any other entity approved by the Department of Human Services; and

(2)    The department finds that the certification offered by an entity referenced in subdivision (1) of this section meets the minimum competency standards established by rules promulgated by the department, in accordance with chapter 1-26.

A person may also be registered if the person was certified by the department, prior to July 1, 2006, provided the person maintains registration, completes eighty continuing education contact hours every four years and remains in good standing with the department.

Any person certified pursuant to this section shall register annually with the department.

Source: SL 2006, ch 6, § 4; SL 2010, ch 11, § 1; SL 2023, ch 7, § 1.