1-36A-15Fees for provisional certification and registration.

The Department of Human Services shall promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 to establish the following nonrefundable fees for provisional certification and registration:

(1)    For provisional certification, not more than three hundred twenty-five dollars;

(2)    For initial registration, not more than fifty dollars;

(3)    For annual renewal of registration, not more than thirty-five dollars;

(4)    For effecting a name change upon the records of a registrant, not more than ten dollars;

(5)    For issuing a duplicate registration, not more than ten dollars; and

(6)    For initial registration and annual renewal of persons certified pursuant to subdivision 1-36A-10.5(4), not more than seventy-five dollars.

Source: SL 1993, ch 21, § 6; SL 1997, ch 14, § 6; SL 2001, ch 16, § 1; SL 2006, ch 6, § 11.