1-53-1    Governor's Office of Economic Development created--Commissioner as head.

1-53-2    Functions transferred.

1-53-3    Purpose of Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1-53-4    Functions of Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1-53-5    Information received by Governor's Office of Economic Development--When open to public inspection--Copies.

1-53-6    Confidentiality of certain information.

1-53-7    Contributions to Governor's Office of Economic Development--Special revenue fund--Use and disbursements.

1-53-8    Board of Economic Development transferred.

1-53-9    South Dakota Housing Development Authority transferred.

1-53-10    Economic Development Finance Authority transferred.

1-53-11    South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority transferred.

1-53-12    Office of Research Commerce transferred.

1-53-13    South Dakota Science and Technology Authority transferred.

1-53-14    1-53-14. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 7, § 3.

1-53-15    Small business credit initiative fund.

1-53-16    Acceptance or expenditure of funds reported in informational budget.

1-53-17    Deposits into and expenditures from small business credit initiative fund.

1-53-18    Property given as security for loan.

1-53-19    Confidentiality of certain information concerning small business credit initiative loans.

1-53-20    Criminal background investigation of new employees--Temporary employment--Fees.

1-53-21    Farm link program established.

1-53-22    Promulgation of rules governing farm link program.

1-53-23    Commissioner of Governor's Office of Economic Development as state official to receive rural rehabilitation trust assets.

1-53-24    Agreements for administration of trust assets by federal government.

1-53-25    Deposit of trust assets with state treasurer--Purposes for which used.

1-53-26    Compromise, adjustment, and collection of claims and obligations.

1-53-27    Purchase and acquisition of property securing indebtedness.

1-53-28    Operation, lease, and disposition of property purchased or acquired.

1-53-29    Investment, transfer, and sale of securities and obligations--Purposes.

1-53-30    Promulgation of rules for disposition of claims and administration of trust.

1-53-31    Powers delegated to secretary of agriculture of United States.

1-53-32    United States held free from liability.

1-53-33    Severability of provisions.

1-53-34    Value added agriculture subfund created.

1-53-35    Value added agriculture subfund administration.

1-53-36    Earnings on value added agriculture subfund.

1-53-37    Promulgation of rules--Value-added agriculture subfund.

1-53-38    South Dakota Certified Beef Program.

1-53-39    Beef products produced by registered participants in compliance with requirements authorized for sale as South Dakota Certified Beef.

1-53-40    Authority of Governor's Office of Economic Development--Program requirements and operation.

1-53-41    Use of mark, copyright, or label--Violation as felony.

1-53-42    Confidential information--Exception.

1-53-43    Promulgation of rules on certified beef program.

1-53-44    Enforcement by court action--Injunctive relief.

1-53-45    Revocation of license.

1-53-46    Agency cooperation to develop, administer, and market certified beef program.

1-53-47    South Dakota Certified beef fund--Deposits and expenditures.