1-54-1    Department created--Secretary as head.

1-54-2    Office of Tribal Governmental Relations transferred.

1-54-3    Department functions.

1-54-4    Governor to hold hearings before entering into gaming compact.

1-54-5    Consultation with tribal government regarding state programs.

1-54-6    Advice to Department of Tribal Relations.

1-54-7    Tribal identification cards--Exception.

1-54-8    Tribal parole pilot programs.

1-54-9    Performance measures report.

1-54-10    Assistance with election grants, education, and satellite-voting centers.

1-54-11    Office of Indian Education established--Annual report.

1-54-12    Indian Education Advisory Council to consult with Department of Education regarding Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings.

1-54-13    Native American achievement schools grant program established.

1-54-14    Eligibility requirements for Native American achievement schools grant applicants.

1-54-15    Criteria for priority projects.

1-54-16    Application process.

1-54-17    Determination of grant recipients and award amounts.

1-54-18    Conditions applicable to grant recipients.

1-54-19    Grant recipient reports--Access to facilities and records.

1-54-20    Default--Repayment--Civil action.

1-54-21    Repealed.

1-54-22    Repealed.

1-54-23    Repealed.

1-54-24    Repealed.

1-54-25    Repealed.

1-54-26    Repealed.