1-55-1    Definitions.

1-55-2    Obligation recovery center created.

1-55-3    Collection of bad debts.

1-55-4    Cost recovery fees.

1-55-5    Transfer of recovered moneys to referring entity--Proration of insufficient amounts--Order of debt collection.

1-55-6    Use during account receivable cycle.

1-55-7    Final notification to debtor by referring entity.

1-55-8    Confidentiality of records--Exceptions.

1-55-9    Collection and use of data.

1-55-10    Centralized electronic debt management system.

1-55-11    Licenses, registrations, and permits withheld from person owing debt referred to center.

1-55-12    Hearing on debt determination dispute--Written request--Temporary license, registration, or permit.

1-55-13    Payments due debtor subject to offset against debt referred to center.

1-55-14    Debt referral to collection agency--Promulgation of rules.

1-55-15    Promulgation of rules.

1-55-16    Annual report to Government Operations and Audit Committee.

1-55-17    1-55-17. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 14, § 17, eff. June 30, 2017.