1-6-17Minting and promotion of commemorative medallions, bullion pieces and jewelry--Metals produced out-of-state--Commemorative medallion jewelry.

The Bureau of Human Resources and Administration may contract or otherwise arrange for the minting and promotion of South Dakota commemorative medallions, bullion pieces, and commemorative medallion jewelry in amounts and sizes it considers appropriate. Commemorative medallions and bullion may be minted in or outside of South Dakota from South Dakota produced gold or silver or nonprecious metals. Commemorative medallions, bullion, and commemorative medallion jewelry may be minted from gold, silver, or nonprecious metals produced outside of South Dakota only in the event that South Dakota producers are unable to supply the required demand and then only for that period of time until South Dakota producers are again able to meet the demand. The bureau may also arrange for the production and marketing of commemorative medallion jewelry made of precious metals.

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