1-6-6Sale and loan of state flags--Revolving account.

It shall be the duty of the Bureau of Human Resources and Administration to acquire, by purchase or otherwise, and to keep on hand at all times a sufficient quantity of the South Dakota state flags as specified in § 1-6-4, for distribution, loan, or sale, as it may determine, in order to meet the demand therefor from various public, semipublic and private organizations or persons. All funds from the sale of such flags shall be covered into, and there is hereby created within the state treasury, a revolving account known as the special state flag account, from which payments shall be made by the bureau for the purchase of state flags and their replacements as it may deem sufficient from time to time. Requests for the loan of such state flags shall be filled under such rules and regulations as the bureau may establish.

Source: SL 1963, ch 419, § 2; SL 1966, ch 171; SL 2024, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 24-1), § 34, eff. Apr. 8, 2024.