1-7-1. Powers and duties of Governor.

The Governor shall possess the powers and perform the duties entailed by the Constitution and by special provisions throughout this code and among others, but without limiting other prescriptions of the Governor's powers and duties, as follows:

(1)    To supervise the official conduct of all executive and ministerial officers;

(2)    To see that the laws of the state are faithfully and impartially executed;

(3)    To make appointments and fill vacancies in the public offices as required by law;

(4)    To be the sole official organ of communication between the government of this state and the government of any other state of the United States;

(5)    To issue patents for land as required by law and prescribed by the provisions of this code;

(6)    To offer rewards, not exceeding one thousand dollars each, payable out of the general fund, for the apprehension of any convict who has escaped from a state correctional facility or for any person who has committed or is charged with the commission of an offense punishable with imprisonment for life;

(7)    To appoint a private secretary and to employ such clerks and stenographers as the Governor deems necessary for the proper discharge of official duties, each of whom shall serve during the pleasure of the Governor and receive such compensation as shall be provided by the Legislature;

(8)    To have such other powers and must perform such other duties as are or may be devolved upon the Governor by law.

Source: SDC 1939, § 55.1101; SL 2023, ch 3, § 2; SL 2023, ch 82, § 1.