10-11-5Addition of omitted tax to tax list--Certification to county treasurer--Warrant for collection--Evidence filed by county auditor.

The county auditor shall upon completing such assessment and extending the tax thereon, immediately make the necessary entries upon the proper tax lists which are in his possession, to add the omitted tax, and as to such tax lists as are in possession of the county treasurer he shall immediately certify to such county treasurer the name of the owner, the value of the property so assessed, and the year or years for which such assessment is made, the name or number of the school district and the name of the township or municipality in which such property is located, and the amount of tax extended against the same, and if such assessment be upon any tract or tracts of real property, a legal description of same must be given, and there shall be attached to said certificate a warrant for the collection of such taxes, and the county auditor shall, in all cases, file in his office a statement of the facts or evidence on which he made such correction or additional assessment.

Source: SL 1919, ch 110, § 2; SDC 1939, § 57.0346; SL 1992, ch 60, § 2.