10-13-1    10-13-1 to 10-13-10. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 84, § 11.

10-13-11    10-13-11 to 10-13-19. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 57, §§ 22 to 30.

10-13-20    Construction of chapter.

10-13-21    Promulgation of rules.

10-13-22    10-13-22 to 10-13-34. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 57, § 13.

10-13-35    Limitation on tax levy increase on real property for 1997 and years thereafter--School districts excepted.

10-13-35.1    Exception to limitation on tax levy increase when consolidating services.

10-13-35.2    Districts' taxing authority returned upon discontinuance of consolidation of services.

10-13-35.3    Revenue payable from real property taxes may be decreased.

10-13-35.4    County auditor to calculate maximum revenue amount payable--Factors--Exclusion.

10-13-35.5    Revenue payable from real property taxes may be increased.

10-13-35.6    Counties that lowered property tax levies to comply with general fund carryover requirements authorized to revise levies.

10-13-35.7    Rural fire protection district--Decrease of revenue payable from real property taxes--Effect.

10-13-35.8    Calculation of maximum amount of revenue payable--Rural fire district request--Factors--Exclusion.

10-13-35.9    Rural fire district--Increase of revenue payable from real property taxes--Limitations.

10-13-35.10    Abolished townships--Exemption from limitation on tax levy increase on real property for two years following abolishment.

10-13-35.11    Abolished townships--Exemption from limitation on tax levy increase on real property for taxes payable in 2005 and 2006.

10-13-35.12    Exemption from limitation on tax levy increase for taxing district that has not levied property tax for general fund purposes since 1996.

10-13-35.13    Imposition of levy by resolution--Publication--Reference of decision to voters.

10-13-36    Excess tax levy authorized--Vote of governing body--Announcement requirements--Referendum election.

10-13-37    Median level of assessment to be eighty-five percent of market value.

10-13-37.1    Calculation of factor for nonagricultural valuations--Sales and assessments from preceding year.

10-13-37.2    Appeal of valuation decision.

10-13-37.3    Application of factor pending appeal.

10-13-37.4    Circuit court may award costs and attorneys' fees.

10-13-37.5    Supreme Court may award attorneys' fees--Motion and itemized statement required.

10-13-38    Determining index factor--Notice to county auditor of revenue to be raised--Notice to taxing district--School districts excepted.

10-13-39    Classification of owner-occupied single-family dwelling.

10-13-39.1    Request to classify certain owner occupied property--Portion occupied by owner assessed as separate unit--Appeal.

10-13-39.2    Review of owner-occupied single-family classifications determined before July 1, 2005.

10-13-39.3    Ownership requirements for classifying dwellings as owner-occupied.

10-13-40    Eligibility for owner-occupied classification.

10-13-40.1    10-13-40.1, 10-13-40.2. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 86, §§ 1, 2.

10-13-40.3    Penalty for fraudulent receipt of owner-occupied single-family dwelling classification.

10-13-40.4    Abatement or refund of tax where failure to meet application deadline for classification of owner-occupied single-family dwelling is due to military service.

10-13-41    10-13-41. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 86, § 3.

10-13-42    10-13-42. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 54, § 4.

10-13-43    Information provided by county auditor to Department of Revenue.

10-13-44    10-13-44. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 39, § 5.

10-13-45    Classification of single-family dwelling constructed or being constructed for sale by contractor as owner-occupied single-family dwelling--Restrictions.