10-25-1    Period within which tax deed may be procured.

10-25-2    Contents of notice of intention to take tax deed--Notice combining descriptions of different tracts.

10-25-3    Persons entitled to notice of intention to take tax deed.

10-25-4    Additional persons entitled to notice.

10-25-5    Service of notice of intention to take tax deed--Personal service--Publication--Mailing.

10-25-6    Service on decedent's personal representative, heirs, or beneficiaries.

10-25-7    Service of notice to holder of special assessment certificate or tax certificate--When service not required.

10-25-8    Completion of service by filing of affidavit--Expiration of right of redemption.

10-25-8.1    Failure to redeem tax certificate.

10-25-9    Costs added to amount required for redemption.

10-25-10    Purchase of prior tax certificates required before issuance of deed.

10-25-11    Preparation and delivery of tax deed--Fee.

10-25-12    Title and possessory right vested by tax deed.

10-25-13    Contents of tax deed--Prima facie evidence of regularity of proceedings.

10-25-14    Tax deed based on private sale.

10-25-15    Cancellation of certificate on delivery of deed--Proof and bond for lost certificate.

10-25-16    Limitation of proceedings to procure tax deed--Cancellation of certificate and bar of lien.

10-25-17    Limitation not applicable to certificates held by county--Time allowed after assignment by county.

10-25-18    Time allowed for completion of proceedings to procure tax deed--Cancellation of certificate and bar of lien.

10-25-19    Acts constituting commencement and completion of proceedings to procure tax deed.

10-25-20    Tax deed on real property bid in by county.

10-25-21    Repealed.

10-25-22    Repealed.

10-25-23    Repealed.

10-25-24    County action to quiet title acquired by tax deed--Prosecution by state's attorney.

10-25-25    Procedure in quiet title action--Bond not required of county.

10-25-26    Removal of cloud on title by transfer, assignment, or satisfaction--Maximum consideration.

10-25-27    Repealed.

10-25-28    10-25-28 to 10-25-38. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 68, § 10.

10-25-39    Apportionment of proceeds of sale--Disposing surplus proceeds.

10-25-39.1    County acquisition of real property--Sale of property--Notice of sale required.

10-25-39.2    County acquisition of real property--Public auction of property.

10-25-40    Cancellation of taxes on real property after sale of deed--Reinstatement if deed declared void.

10-25-41    Reconveyance to record owner of real property held by county under tax deed--Consideration required.

10-25-42    Price, conditions, and qualifications required by county commissioners for reconveyance to record owner.

10-25-43    Resolution of county commissioners for reconveyance to record owner--Quitclaim deed.

10-25-44    Limitation of proceedings to contest tax deed--Defenses in action by tax-deed grantee.

10-25-45    Denial of bid on county sale of tax deed property if bidder not current on property taxes.