Terms as used in §§ 10-35-1.7 to 10-35-1.10, inclusive, mean:

(1)    "Coal-fired power plant," any person, corporation, limited liability company, association, company, partnership, political subdivision, municipality, rural electric cooperative, consumers power district, or any group or combination acting as a unit, owning or holding under lease, or otherwise, real property used, or intended for use, for the conversion of coal into electric power;

(2)    "Environmental upgrade," an investment in an existing coal-fired power plant of more than ten million dollars in real or personal property that is designed to facilitate environmental improvements, including any requirements under the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, or any other federal law or rule, or any state law or rule implementing a federal law or rule.

Source: SL 2006, ch 44, § 1; SL 2010, ch 54, § 1.

Commission Note: This section is repealed effective January 1, 2046, pursuant to SL 2013, ch 51, § 2.