10-37-3. Annual statement required of pipeline companies--Date of filing--Contents.

Any pipeline company having lines in this state shall annually, on or before April fifteenth of each year, make out and deliver to the Department of Revenue a statement, verified by the oath of an officer or agent of such pipeline company making such statement, showing in detail for the year ended December thirty-first next preceding:

(1)    The name of the company;

(2)    The nature of the company, whether a person or persons, an association, copartnership, corporation or syndicate, and under the laws of what state organized;

(3)    The location of its principal office or place of business;

(4)    The name and post office address of the president, secretary, auditor, treasurer, and superintendent or general manager;

(5)    The name and post office address of the chief officer or managing agent in this state;

(6)    The whole number of miles of pipeline owned, operated, or leased within the state, including a classification of the size, kind, and weight thereof, separated, so as to show the mileage in each county, and each lesser taxing district;

(7)    A full and complete statement of the cost and actual present value of all buildings of every description owned by said pipeline company within the state and each lesser taxing district, not otherwise assessed;

(8)    The number, location, size, and cost of each pressure pump or station;

(9)    Any and all other property owned by said pipeline company within the state which property shall be classified and scheduled in such a manner as the secretary of revenue may by rule promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26 require;

(10)    The gross earnings of the entire company, and the gross earnings on business done within this state;

(11)    The operating expenses of the entire company and the operating expenses within this state;

(12)    The net earnings of the entire company and the net earnings within this state; and

(13)    Whether or not the pipeline company that installs a pipeline for carbon sequestration claims a tax credit under 26 U.S.C. § 45Q (January 1, 2024) in that year.

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