10-50B-1    Legislative findings.

10-50B-2    Legislative intent.

10-50B-3    Definitions.

10-50B-4    Cigarette defined.

10-50B-5    Tobacco product manufacturer defined.

10-50B-6    Units sold defined.

10-50B-7    Requirements for tobacco product manufacturers selling cigarettes in state--Quarterly installment deposits.

10-50B-8    Tobacco product manufacturers to receive appreciation on funds--Funds released from escrow for specified purposes.

10-50B-8.1    Repeal of subdivision 10-50B-8(2) upon finding of subdivision amendment unconstitutionality--Restoration of subdivision prior to amendment on finding repeal rendered section unconstitutional--Effect.

10-50B-9    Certification of compliance by tobacco product manufacturer--Civil action for non-compliance--Penalties.

10-50B-10    Each failure to make deposit a separate violation.

10-50B-11    Master Settlement Agreement monies to be deposited in education enhancement trust fund.

10-50B-11.1    Code provisions governing investment in education enhancement trust fund.

10-50B-12    10-50B-12. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 152, § 10.

10-50B-13    Revocation of license--Hearing--Reinstatement.

10-50B-14    Repeal of SL 2010, ch 68 upon holding of unconstitutionality--Effect.

10-50B-15    Assignment to state of manufacturer's interest in money in qualified escrow fund.

10-50B-16    Amendment of escrow agreement to execute assignment--Requirements--Delivery.

10-50B-17    Manufacturer not relieved of obligations by assignment.

10-50B-18    Cigarette importers--Tobacco product manufacturer--Joint and several liability--Escrow fund.

10-50B-19    State directory--Manufacturers--Surety bond--Amount.

10-50B-20    Disclosure of information--Purposes.