10-9-1    Mobile home defined.

10-9-2    Assessment and taxation in lieu of other taxes--Exceptions.

10-9-3    Annual listing of mobile home with county director--Information and copy of title furnished.

10-9-3.1    Listing of mobile home on sale by dealer--Notation of taxes paid.

10-9-3.2    Affidavit of taxes paid and registration of mobile home required for transfer of title.

10-9-4    Period of exemption of mobile home bearing foreign license plate--Listing on acceptance of employment by occupant.

10-9-5    Failure to list mobile home as misdemeanor--Liability for tax--Penalty assessment.

10-9-6    10-9-6. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 52, § 1.

10-9-7    Valuation of mobile homes.

10-9-8    Proration of tax on mobile homes taxable for part of year.

10-9-9    Levy of tax by application of mill rate.

10-9-10    Tax immediately payable--Deferred payment--Action on delinquencies.

10-9-10.1    Removal of mobile home from state--Refund of tax on pro rata basis.

10-9-11    Decalcomania issued to taxpayer--Display on mobile home--Failure to display, alteration and wrongful use as petty offense.

10-9-12    Pecuniary penalty for delay in payment of tax.

10-9-13    Lien of tax on mobile home--Collection of delinquent tax.

10-9-13.1    Time for collection of delinquent tax--Notification and publication--Distress warrant.

10-9-14    Distribution of taxes collected.

10-9-15    Payment under protest and appeal to board of equalization.

10-9-15.1    Collection of taxes on mobile homes removed from county.