11-4-1    Regulatory powers of municipality.

11-4-1.1    Definition of terms.

11-4-2    Division of municipality into districts--District regulations--Uniformity within district.

11-4-3    Comprehensive plan required--Purposes of plan--Factors considered in regulations.

11-4-3.1    Temporary zoning ordinance--Adoption--Purpose--Hearing and notice--Duration and renewal.

11-4-4    Notice and hearing of proposed zoning ordinance required.

11-4-4.1    Ordinance authorizing conditional use of real property--Content--Approval or disapproval of request.

11-4-4.2    Conditional use defined.

11-4-4.3    Process for certification of special permitted uses upon meeting specified criteria.

11-4-4.4    Sign to notify public about petition and hearing on zoning change or conditional use permit.

11-4-4.5    Special permitted uses--Exceptions.

11-4-4.6    Conditional use application--Impact on neighboring land.

11-4-5    Reading, passage and publication of ordinance--Protest by landowners in district--Flood plain ordinance not subject to protest.

11-4-6    Conflict with other regulations--More stringent regulations govern.

11-4-7    Proceedings by municipal authorities to prevent violation of regulations.

11-4-8    Changes in regulations--Notice and procedure.

11-4-9    Requiring consent of landowners to change in zoning ordinance.

11-4-10    Referendum and protests against changes in zoning ordinance.

11-4-11    Appointment of planning and zoning commission--Same as city planning and zoning commission.

11-4-11.1    Governing body as planning and zoning commission.

11-4-12    Planning and zoning commission--Hearings and notice--Final recommendation.

11-4-13    Board of adjustment to be provided--Planning and zoning commission as adjustment board--Power to grant variances.

11-4-14    Appointment and terms of board of adjustment other than commission--Removal--Vacancies--Alternates.

11-4-15    Meetings of board of adjustment--Administration of oaths and attendance of witnesses.

11-4-16    Minutes and records of board of adjustment--Destruction of records.

11-4-17    Powers of board of adjustment.

11-4-18    Rules of board of adjustment.

11-4-19    Appeal to board of adjustment--Notice of appeal--Records transmitted--Expedited process.

11-4-20    Stay of proceedings pending appeal--Exceptions.

11-4-21    Notice and hearing by board of adjustment--Hearing open to public.

11-4-22    Decisions of board.

11-4-23    Vote required.

11-4-24    Governing body acting as board of adjustment--Chairman of board--Vote required for reversal, exception or variance.

11-4-25    Petition to court contesting decision of board.

11-4-25.1    Appeal of grant or denial of conditional use permit.

11-4-25.2    Expedited determinations.

11-4-26    Writ of certiorari to review decision of board--Time of return--Restraining order to stay proceedings.

11-4-27    Certified copies returned on certiorari--Contents of return.

11-4-28    Evidence heard by court on certiorari--Referee.

11-4-29    Disposition by court on certiorari--Costs.

11-4-29.1    Special permitted use, conditional use, variance--Expiration.

11-4-30    Cement Plant Commission property zoned as private business.