11-9-1    Definition of terms.

11-9-2    Powers of political subdivision.

11-9-3    Planning commission hearing on creation of district--Notice.

11-9-4    Recommendation by planning commission for creation of district--Designation of boundaries.

11-9-5    Governing body resolution creating district--Boundaries--Name.

11-9-6    Districts with overlapping boundaries permitted.

11-9-7    Repealed.

11-9-8    Required findings in resolution creating district.

11-9-9    Areas conducive to disease or crime defined as blighted.

11-9-10    Developed areas impairing growth defined as blighted.

11-9-11    Repealed.

11-9-12    Determination of tax increment base on creation of district or amendment of plan.

11-9-13    Project plan for each district--Contents.

11-9-14    Project costs defined--Administrative fee required.

11-9-15    Items included in project costs.

11-9-16    Additional contents of project plan.

11-9-17    Governing body resolution approving project plan--Findings.

11-9-18    Amendment to project plan--Procedure.

11-9-19    Tax increment base defined.

11-9-20    Determination of tax increment base of district.

11-9-20.1    Aggregate assessed value for district not in compliance with § 10-6-121.

11-9-21    Indication on assessment rolls of parcels within district.

11-9-22    Presumption as to property recently acquired or leased by municipality.

11-9-23    Redetermination of tax increment base when project costs increased by amendment of plan.

11-9-24    Annual notice by department of assessed value of real property and tax increment base--Change in laws not to result in lower assessed values--Conditions.

11-9-25    Allocation to municipality of tax increments--Duration of allocation.

11-9-26    Tax increment defined.

11-9-27    Taxation of property in district.

11-9-28    Payment to political subdivision of allocable tax increment.

11-9-29    11-9-29. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 37, § 9

11-9-30    Methods of paying project costs.

11-9-31    Tax increments deposited in special fund--Appropriations to fund--Investment of moneys in fund.

11-9-32    Permissible uses of special fund.

11-9-33    Bonds authorized for payment of project costs.

11-9-34    Bonds or contracts authorized by resolution.

11-9-35    Maximum amount of bonds--Maturity--Redemption--Bearer or registered--Denominations.

11-9-36    Bonds payable only from special fund.

11-9-37    Pledge of special fund to bonds--Restrictions on use of fund--Lien.

11-9-38    Bonds to be negotiable and payable only from tax increment.

11-9-39    Other security and marketability provisions.

11-9-39.1    State pledge not to alter rights vested in bondholders until bonds fully discharged.

11-9-40    Sale of bonds.

11-9-41    Procedure for condemnation under power of eminent domain.

11-9-42    Tax increments not to be used for residential structures.

11-9-43    Performance bond required of purchaser or lessee of property.

11-9-44    Notice to purchaser or lessee and surety of noncompliance with contract--Taking possession of work site.

11-9-45    Disposition of funds remaining after payment of project costs and bonds.

11-9-46    Termination of district.

11-9-47    11-9-47. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 16, § 14

11-9-48    District reports published on department website.