12-1-1    Elections to which title applies.

12-1-1.1    Laws applicable to election of county officers.

12-1-2    Application to local elections.

12-1-2.1    Option to adopt campaign finance law.

12-1-3    Definition of terms used in title.

12-1-3.1    Alternative political status defined.

12-1-4    Criteria for determining voting residence.

12-1-5    State board created--Members--Terms--Vacancies--Oath.

12-1-6    Per diem and expenses.

12-1-7    Assistance by secretary of state's office.

12-1-7.1    12-1-7.1. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 34, § 7.

12-1-8    Legal assistance to board.

12-1-9    Promulgation of rules by board.

12-1-9.1    Ranked choice voting prohibited.

12-1-10    Recommendations to secretary of state.

12-1-11    Costs paid by county--Exception for local elections--Prohibition on private funding––Promulgation of rules.

12-1-12    Political party office prohibited in county courthouse.

12-1-13    Challenge to petition signatures or declaration of candidacy.

12-1-14    Verification of petition signatures or declaration of candidacy--Written declaration as to validity.

12-1-15    Notification of candidate or sponsor if petition declared invalid.

12-1-16    Other legal remedies to challenge petition not precluded.

12-1-17    Computation of time allowed for election notice or filing.

12-1-18    Time when petition may be circulated.

12-1-19    12-1-19, 12-1-20. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 62, §§ 2, 3.

12-1-21    Complaints filed under the Help America Vote Act.

12-1-22    Arbitration of complaints under Help America Vote Act--Appointment of arbitrator--Time for resolution.

12-1-23    Time and place of hearing--Notice to parties.

12-1-24    Subpoena issued by arbitrator--Service and enforcement.

12-1-25    Depositions permitted by arbitrators--Compelling testimony.

12-1-26    Evidence presented by parties--Cross-examination.

12-1-27    Adjournment or postponement of hearing--Failure of party to appear.

12-1-28    Issuance of resolution--Delivery to parties.

12-1-29    Payment of expenses of proceedings.

12-1-30    Grounds to vacate resolution--New arbitrator.

12-1-31    Invalid candidacy on nominating petition--Vacancy after primary election.

12-1-32    Registered sex offenders prohibited from circulating petitions--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-1-33    Exception for registered sex offender circulating petition under supervision.

12-1-34    Exception for registered sex offender circulating nominating petition on his or her own behalf.

12-1-35    Secretary of state to examine nominating petitions for statewide office for compliance.

12-1-36    Verification of signatures on nominating petitions by random sampling.

12-1-37    Certification of sufficient or insufficient number of signatures based on random sampling.

12-1-38    Circuit court challenge not affected by random sampling.

12-1-39    Availability of petition to public.