12-13-1    Delivery of proposed questions to county auditors--Attorney general's explanation.

12-13-1.1    Requirements for elections beginning in 2018.

12-13-2    Measures and questions to be sent to official newspapers.

12-13-3    Newspaper publication of submitted questions--Compensation--Suspension of status on failure to publish--Election valid despite refusal to publish.

12-13-4    Lettering and numbering of submitted questions.

12-13-5    12-13-5 to 12-13-8.2. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 108, § 2.

12-13-9    Attorney general's statement regarding constitutional amendment proposed by legislature or referred law.

12-13-9.1    Availability of attorney general's explanation of proposed questions.

12-13-9.2     Action to challenge adequacy of attorney general's statement--Appeal--Time limits.

12-13-10    12-13-10. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 118, § 200.

12-13-11    Materials printed on ballot in lieu of full text--Separate ballot.

12-13-12    12-13-12 to 12-13-15. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 118, § 200.

12-13-16    Publication of false or erroneous information on constitutional amendment or submitted question as misdemeanor.

12-13-17    12-13-17 to 12-13-22. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 118, § 200.

12-13-23    Distribution of public information.

12-13-24    Style, form, and wording of initiative or initiated amendment.

12-13-25    Review and comment--Legislative Research Council--Opinion.

12-13-25.1    Attorney general's statement--Initiated measure--Initiated amendment.

12-13-25.2    Exception to time for director's comments.

12-13-26    Unreviewed initiatives or initiated amendments unacceptable--Uncertified initiated amendments unacceptable.

12-13-26.1    Initiated or proposed constitutional amendment--Single subject or revision determination by secretary of state--Certification.

12-13-26.2    Action to challenge the secretary of state's decision--Time limits--Promulgation of rules.

12-13-27    Special elections for constitutional amendments--Procedural changes--Reimbursement of costs.

12-13-28    Employment and compensation of petition circulators.