12-17B-18. Post-election audit--Auditing board--Members--Promulgation of rules.

Within fifteen days following the completion of the state canvassing of a primary or general election, the auditor of each county shall conduct a post-election audit of the ballots cast in the election following the procedures listed in this section and §§ 12-17B-19 to 12-17B-25, inclusive. The county auditor shall appoint a county auditing board of sufficient size to promptly complete the audit.

The members of the county auditing board may not all be members of the same political party. A member of the county auditing board must be a registered voter in the county in which the audit takes place. An individual may not serve on the county auditing board if the individual is a candidate for the office that is on the ballot being audited.

The State Board of Elections shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, prescribing the oath that each member of a county auditing board must take prior to discharging any duties.

Source: SL 2023, ch 50, § 1.