12-17B-1    Definition of terms.

12-17B-2    Requirements for automatic tabulating, electronic ballot marking, and election voting equipment systems--Approval of changes or modifications.

12-17B-2.1    12-17B-2.1. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 81, § 3, eff. Feb. 5, 2018.

12-17B-3    Authority of governing body to adopt, experiment with or abandon system.

12-17B-4    Contract by political subdivision with county for use of system.

12-17B-5    Testing system before election--Certification of errorless machine--Promulgation of rules--Public notice--Independent candidate and ballot committee contact information.

12-17B-5.1    Procedure for testing system before election--Test ballots retained.

12-17B-5.2    Updates to automatic tabulating equipment prohibited after testing--Seal--Promulgation of rules.

12-17B-6    Sufficient amount of equipment and supplies required.

12-17B-6.1    Electronic ballot marking system required where candidate for federal office on ballot.

12-17B-7    Voting instructions--Manner of giving instructions.

12-17B-8    12-17B-8. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 92, § 7.

12-17B-9    Transporting sealed ballot box.

12-17B-10    Direction of proceedings at counting location--Open to public.

12-17B-11    Equal party representation amongst persons employed to receive, process or tabulate ballots--Submission of employee list--Oath required.

12-17B-12    Test of system repeated prior to counting ballots.

12-17B-13    Procedure for tabulating votes--Results as unofficial returns--Certification by board.

12-17B-13.1    Operation of automatic tabulating equipment--Return of ballots--Out-stacking of ballots.

12-17B-14    Duplicate ballots substituted for rejected ballots.

12-17B-15    Sealing and storing tabulated ballots and program board.

12-17B-16    Recount procedures.

12-17B-17    Promulgation of rules.

12-17B-18    Post-election audit--Auditing board--Members--Promulgation of rules.

12-17B-19    Post-election audit--Payment of costs--Promulgation of rules.

12-17B-20    Post-election audit--Procedure--Precinct defined.

12-17B-21    Post-election audit open to the public--Notification.

12-17B-22    Publication of results.

12-17B-23    Post-election audit--Notice to candidates impacted--Recount petition.

12-17B-24    Post-election audit not required with particular recounts.

12-17B-25    Post-election audit--Ballots secured.