12-27-1    Definitions.

12-27-2    Political committee chair and treasurer required--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-3    Statements of organization to be filed for political action committee, candidate campaign committee, and ballot question committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-4    12-27-4, 12-27-5. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 71, §§ 4, 5.

12-27-6    Contents of statement of organization.

12-27-7    Limits on contributions to statewide candidate or candidate's campaign committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-8    Limits on contributions to legislative or county candidate or candidate's campaign committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-9    Limits on contributions to political action committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-10    Limits on contributions to political party--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-10.1    12-27-10.1 to 12-27-10.3. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 72, §§ 8 to 10, eff. Feb. 2, 2017.

12-27-10.4    Affiliated entities sharing single contribution limit.

12-27-11    Required information about contributors--Contributions from unknown source to be donated to charitable entity--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-12    Disguised contributions prohibited--Misdemeanor.

12-27-13    Property purchased with contributions to be property of political committee.

12-27-14    Report of property sale by political committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-15    Political communications to contain certain language--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-16    Statements and disclaimers regarding independent communication expenditures--No control by candidate or political committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-16.1    Statements and disclaimers regarding independent communication expenditures--Control by candidate or political committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-17    12-27-17, 12-27-17.1. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 222 (Initiated Measure 22), §§ 17, 18, eff. Nov. 16, 2016.

12-27-18    Independent communication expenditures--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-18.1    Acceptance of contributions by ballot question committee.

12-27-18.2    Contributions to ballot question committee from nonresidents and certain entities prohibited--Civil penalty.

12-27-19    Statements required for entity to make contribution to ballot question committee--Disclosure of information by committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-20    Public funds to influence election outcome prohibited--Penalty.

12-27-21    Contributions from public entities--Prohibition--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-21.1    Time for submission of statements--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-22    Persons and entities required to submit campaign finance disclosure statements--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-22.1    Circumstances under which campaign finance disclosure report not required.

12-27-22.2    Reports only include contributions and expenditures related to this state.

12-27-23    12-27-23. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 84, § 7.

12-27-24    Contents of campaign finance disclosure report.

12-27-24.1    12-27-24.1. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 72, § 22, eff. Feb. 2, 2017.

12-27-25    Termination report.

12-27-26    Requirements for dissolution of political committee.

12-27-27    Conditions requiring filing of amended statement or report--Time for filing--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.

12-27-28    Conditions requiring filing of supplemental report--Time for filing--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-29    Records required to be kept by treasurer of political committee--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-29.1    Civil penalty for failure to timely file statement, amendment, or correction.

12-27-29.2    Order assessing penalty--Contents--Appeal--Termination of committee.

12-27-29.3    Prohibition of certification as candidate for failure to pay penalties or file required documents.

12-27-29.4    Repeated failure to perform duty--Additional penalty--Referral for prosecution.

12-27-29.5    Candidate jointly and severally responsible with treasurer for penalty--Decertification.

12-27-30    Civil penalty for failure to timely file statement, amendment, or correction with county, township, municipality, school district, or special purpose district.

12-27-31    Forms to be adopted by secretary of state--Oath or affirmation.

12-27-32    Preservation and destruction of statements in public records.

12-27-33    Sale and certain uses of information in statements or reports prohibited--Misdemeanor.

12-27-34    Intentionally false or misleading statements prohibited--Felony.

12-27-35    Investigation and prosecution of violations by attorney general--Civil actions.

12-27-36    Access to records by attorney general--Violation as misdemeanor.

12-27-37    Confidentiality of records.

12-27-38    Candidate may not be certified or to forfeit office for felony violation.

12-27-39    Application of campaign finance requirements.

12-27-40    Investigation and prosecution of violations by state's attorney--Civil actions.

12-27-41    Filing by electronic transmission.

12-27-41.1    12-27-41.1. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 72, § 28, eff. Feb. 2, 2017.

12-27-42    Place of filing.

12-27-42.1    12-27-42.1. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 72, § 29, eff. Feb. 2, 2017.

12-27-43    Action for civil penalty for certain violations.

12-27-44    12-27-44. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 68, § 1.

12-27-45    Additional standards adopted by political subdivision.

12-27-46    12-27-46. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 72, § 30, eff. Feb. 2, 2017.

12-27-47    Affidavit alleging violation of campaign finance requirements--Contested case--Referral for investigation.

12-27-47.1    Report of certain campaign finance violations to secretary of state--Investigation--Civil penalty.

12-27-48    False allegation of misconduct as misdemeanor.

12-27-49    Effect of secretary of state's filing or refusing to file document.

12-27-50    Limitation on uses for contributions received by candidate campaign committee.

12-27-51    Period to cure campaign finance violation.