12-4-37. Statewide voter registration file--County auditors to transmit changes to secretary--Security--Promulgation of rules.

The secretary of state shall establish and maintain a computerized system for maintaining and utilizing the voter registration file and transmitting voter registration information from each county auditor to the Office of the Secretary of State. The State Board of Elections shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, to develop and implement procedures to secure the computerized system used for the voter registration file from external threats that could damage the integrity of the voter registration system.

Each county auditor shall transmit any changes to the master registration file or the absentee voter log to the secretary of state on a daily basis. The county auditor shall transmit updated information contained in the county voter registration system, including voter registration information and voter election history information, to the Office of the Secretary of State not later than July fifteenth after each primary election and December fifteenth after each general election.

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