12-6-8. Time and manner of signing petition--Declaration of candidate--Verification--Violation for falsely attesting--Signing for independent or nonpolitical candidate.

No person may sign the nominating petition of a candidate before January first in the year in which the election is to be held, nor for whom the person is not entitled to vote, nor for a political candidate of a party of which the person is not a member, nor for more than the number of candidates required to be nominated for the same office. The signer or circulator shall add the signer's place of residence and the date of signing. The signer's post office box number may be given in lieu of a street address if the signer lives within a municipality of the second or third class. A formal declaration of the candidate shall be signed by the candidate before the circulation of petitions. The signed declaration of the candidate shall accompany and be a part of the petition. An original signed declaration shall accompany the group of petitions upon filing.

The petition shall be verified under oath by the persons circulating the petition. The verification by the person circulating the petition may not be notarized by the candidate whom the petition is nominating. Any person circulating a petition who falsely attests to the verification is guilty of a Class 6 felony.

A nominating petition for any election shall be a self-contained sheet of paper in order to have the candidate's name placed on the ballot. The provisions of this section may not prohibit a person registered with party affiliation from signing either a petition nominating an independent or a nonpolitical candidate for office if the person has not previously signed a petition for that office to be filled.

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