13-16-26.2. Transfers from general fund--Prohibitions--Exceptions.

Notwithstanding § 13-16-26, no school district may transfer any funds, exclusive of federal funds and wind energy tax revenue that is defined in § 13-13-10.1 and apportioned pursuant to § 10-35-21, from the general fund to the capital outlay fund, bond redemption fund, or the capital projects fund.

The authority provided by this section for the transfer of wind energy tax revenue is conditioned annually upon the district obtaining, from the Department of Education, verification that the school district is in compliance with §§ 13-13-73.6 and 13-13-73.8.

The transfer of wind energy tax revenue must be made within the ten-year timeframe identified in § 13-13-10.1 for each new wind farm. The maximum amount a school district may transfer on an annual basis is the amount of wind energy tax revenue that is able to be retained by the district and not counted as local effort.

Notwithstanding § 13-16-6, wind energy tax revenue transferred to the capital outlay fund under the authority of this section must remain separately identified and may not thereafter be returned to the general fund.

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