13-27-18. Neglect of duty by superintendent, president of board, school board, or truancy officer--Harboring or employment of truant child--Hindering attendance by child--Misdemeanor.

Any superintendent or school board president who fails to make prompt reports on attendance as required by law; any person who harbors or employs a child of compulsory school age who is not legally excused during the school term or being provided alternative instruction pursuant to § 13-27-3; the members of any school board who neglect or refuse to provide school facilities for children enrolled in their school district for at least nine months during the school year, or neglect to perform any other duties enumerated under the compulsory school attendance laws of this state; any truancy officer who neglects to perform the duties of his or her office; or any person who hampers or hinders a child of compulsory school age from attending a school in which the child is enrolled that meets all legal requirements, or who interferes or attempts to interfere with the child's attendance at the school in which the child is enrolled is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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