13-28-52. Promulgation of rules regarding services and tuition for children residing in residential treatment centers and intensive residential treatment centers.

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards may promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, regarding services provided and tuition paid for children residing in residential treatment centers or intensive residential treatment centers, as provided in §§ 13-28-11 and 13-13-87, including:

(1)    The scope, duration, and requirements of enrollment for purposes of qualifying for and calculating rates and payments;

(2)    The amount, scope, and duration of services;

(3)    The basis for, extent of, and timing of payments;

(4)    The method and amount of payment;

(5)    The methods of recoupment or recovery of overpayments;

(6)    Reporting requirements;

(7)    Designation of additional state operated schools referenced in § 13-28-11; and

(8)    Other standards and requirements as may be necessary to ensure the efficient operation and administration of the program.

Source: SL 2017, ch 79, § 3; SL 2022, ch 43, § 4.