13-32-1    Disciplinary authority over students on school premises.

13-32-2    Physical force authorized when reasonable and necessary--Attendance at school functions away from premises--Authority of bus drivers.

13-32-3    Reference for psychiatric treatment prohibited without parents' consent.

13-32-4    School board to assist in discipline--Suspension and expulsion of pupils--Report to local authorities--Hearings--Alternative settings.

13-32-4.1    Attendance policy--Adoption by school board--Suspension and expulsion power unaffected.

13-32-4.2    Procedure for suspension--Appeal--Hearing.

13-32-4.3    Effect of student's suspension or expulsion on enrollment.

13-32-4.4    Early reinstatement of expelled student.

13-32-4.5    Conditions for early reinstatement.

13-32-4.6    Return to school upon fulfillment of conditions--Revocation of early reinstatement.

13-32-4.7    Due process procedures--Promulgation of early reinstatement rules.

13-32-5    Injury to school property as ground for suspension or expulsion.

13-32-6    Disturbance of school as misdemeanor.

13-32-7    Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon--Public elementary or secondary school premises or vehicle--Violation--Exceptions.

13-32-8    School safety patrols--Insurance coverage.

13-32-9    Suspension from extracurricular activities for controlled substances violation--Unified Judicial System to give certain notices.

13-32-9.1    Consequences imposed by local school districts.

13-32-9.2    Reduced suspensions--Minimum requirements--Commencement of suspension.

13-32-10    Definition of terms regarding self-administration of medication.

13-32-11    Student self-administration of prescription asthma and anaphylaxis medication.

13-32-12    Disciplinary action regarding self-administration of medication.

13-32-13    Applicability of provisions regarding self-administration of medication.

13-32-14    Adoption of bullying policy.

13-32-15    Bullying defined.

13-32-16    Bullying policy requirements.

13-32-17    Action for damages from bullying--Immunity for reporting.

13-32-18    Incidents involving electronic devices.

13-32-19    Model bullying policy.

13-32-20    Policy for school district employees on use of restraint and seclusion.